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A Country of Vending Machines??

vending machine

A Country of Vending Machines??

Guess what do you find everywhere in Japan?

That is Vending Machines!!  In Japan, we have over 5 millions of vending machines and this number is ranked the top amongst any other foreign countries.  This is why people say if you walk a meter, you will find vending machines in Japan.

You will probably think this is a bit exaggerating, dont’t you?  Well, it’s not. We do find vending machines literally everywhere.

In this video below, it shows how many vending machines you can find while walking around.


The Variety of Vending Machines

Vending Machine

What is very interesting about the vending machines in Japan is the variety of products. We have vending machines for drinks, of course, but also for cup-noodles!!

Obviously, this machine sells cup-noodles.  Please pay attention to the left side of this vending machine.  There is a place to pour hot water!  Firstly, you have to open the cover, and place the cup in the box. Later if you push the cup backwards, hot water comes out from the tube which is connected to the vending machine!!   After cooking your noodle, you can eat it straight away by using chopsticks from the box attached to the top of vending machine.  Very convenient, right?


For Alcohol Drinks!

vending machine

Next, we have vending machines for alcohol!

Maybe it sounds dangerous because it is accessible to minors to get alcohol drinks.  To avoid that, there is a place to insert your driver’s license to buy your drinks(Look at the right side of the vending machine)!! And if you do not have driver’s license with you, you can push the button then the clerks will come out to help you buy the drinks.

When you walk around Japan, please pay attention to how many vending machines you can find, also try to buy your drink!!


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