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Night Walk in Kyoto


When you visit Kyoto, where do you stay?

Generally, people stay at the place where is  easy of access and middle place of Kyoto ; Nakagyoku such as Shijo-Kawaramachi or Gion (where are the most popular place in Kyoto).

Well, when do you do sight-seeing? Around noon or evening?

I bet that many people go to popular sight-seeing place( such like Kiyomizu temple or Kinkaku temple) in the noon and then go back to their hotel, fall asleep in 11 or 12 o’clock.


Soundless Night

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This time I want to highly recommend you, Night walk in Kyoto.

People stay in Nakagyouku, particularly in Shijo-Kawaramachi or Gion, can enjoy Night Walk.

Night time Kyoto is completely different from busy and vibrant Kyoto in the daytime, in the night, there is almost no car driving so you can hear only own voices, households noises which leak from the line with Japanese houses.

And the street is illuminated by streetlamp and the lights shone thorough the houses.

I bet you can feel that your heart become clear if you walk with your steady, friend or only yourself.


Beautiful Shinto Shrine

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I will pickup some Night walking places, Yasaka shrine and Maruyama park which is placed in the back of Yasaka shrine, this time.

Yasaka shrine is opening throughout the day so you can walk there whenever you like.

During the daytime, there are tons of people walking around, but in reversal, there are nearly no  people walking in the middle of the night.

It clouds of rigid and mysterious atmosphere from the quiet shrine.

There are beautiful Japanese style garden in the Maruyama park, and middle of the garden, there are a pond.

The surface of the pond without any ripple is like a mirror and it reflects lamps, moonlight, stars and plants which surrounds the pond.

If you walk through a Japanese bridge which crossed over the pond, then you can feel an illusion like you are in beautiful Kyoto of old time.


lgf01a201309191600 (734x416)

If you afraid of walking dark way, you cannot go ahead of Maruyama park’s inner place (it is like a large hill and not many lamps, so it is very dark middle of the park), but if you like exploring, you can feel excited “What could possibly be beyond this dark point?”

Of course it is very dangerous walking dark places, so you should bring lights.

And please wear shoes which you can walk easily because there are gravel path and stairs.


With your Partner

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I suggest you strongly that when you return to get out Maruyama park, do not go back Yasaka shrine, same way.

You should use the road in front of  Chion-in, I am sure that you will impressed by beautifulness of the road with streetlight illumination.

Chion-in is also illuminated therefore you can enjoy the around landscape, besides, if you come to visit here  with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you can have romantic atmosphere.


Cat Meeting


It is also interesting to walk around the town.

You can enjoy seeing buildings or streets scenes which you did not realize in the daytime.

Moreover, if you are lucky, maybe you come across a few cats gathering, this scene of cats gathering calls “Cat Meeting” in Japan.

If you carry silver vine or cat food on you and meet with Cat Meeting, maybe you can touch lovely cats and join the meeting if you are very very lucky.

Unfortunately, there are no wild dogs in central of Kyoto, you cannot come across dogs.

Cats and the townscape of Kyoto are interesting corroboration in the midnight so please bring your camera and make a exploration!


At Last


How about enjoying Kyoto with watching different expression which changes by the time?


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