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Not Only Green Tea! Let’s Find Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor In Kyoto!

Unique Ice Cream Flavors


Everyone likes ice cream, right?  In any touristic area around the world, there are always ice cream shops ! we can often see people eating ice creams.  In Kyoto, the situation is the same.  It is very popular to eat ice cream during sightseeing !

BUT!!  In Kyoto, there are many interesting ice cream flavors.  Let’s explore them!


1.  Shiba-Zuke Ice Cream: Kyoto-style chopped vegetables pickled in salt with red shiso leaves ice cream


It is easy to imagine when you think about it as just a pickles ice cream.  Well, it still sounds weird though.  Some people say that it tastes like blueberry ice cream.  Please make sure to verify it by yourself!


2. Sake Ice Cream:  Japanese Sake(Rice Wine) Ice Cream

ice cream

In this picture, the ice cream’s flavor is sake.  Yummy…It looks like a vanilla ice cream but when you smell it, you quickly understand it is not.  The smell is a strong sake smell and if you are planning to drive afterwards, you are not recommended to eat it. Actually in Japan you have to be over 20 years old to start consuming alcohol and so you must be over 20 if you want to eat this ice cream.


3. Tofu Ice cream: Soy beans Ice Cream

ice scream

This is my favorite!  Kyoto is well known for its tofu, so you can find this ice cream at many places.

4. Shichimi Ice Cream: Ice Cream flavored with 7 kinds of Japanese spices shichimi

Shichimi(七味) is usually used as a seasoning for noodles or in any other food.  Kyoto’s shichimi is famous for its great scent.  This ice cream is actually an ice cream vanilla seasoned with Shichimi.  The combination with shichimi and vanilla is actually very nice.

5. Sakura Ice Cream: Cherry blossom ice cream

ice cream

This ice cream is only in Spring.  This is a very popular flavor.  We also have Sakura-mochi (cherry blossom rice cake) in Spring. In this season, there are actually many products that are cherry blossom flavored! .

How was it?

Please enjoy trying as many ice cream flavors as you can in Kyoto!

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