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Super hoooooot….frightening Kyoto Basin



It has already been in the middle of July, and the real summer is just around the corner.

The song of cicadas has been louder and louder recently.

How are you all doing?


Speaking of summer, Kyoto is having a festival right now, called Gion Festival that is a month long one.

This festival is one of three most famous festivals in Japan, so not only people from other places in Japan, but also people from overseas come all the way to Kyoto.

Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsuri


You can enjoy watching the parade of decorated floats and  plenty of street booths!!

Nevertheless, this festival in Kyoto during this hot summer season,

Those who have already experienced it must be knowing,

thats Kyoto is suuuper hooooot!!!!

Today I would like to write about how hot the summer in Kyoto is.


Not madly high temperatures

When it comes to hotness, many people would start thinking about temperatures.

‘hotness = high temperatures,’which is a natural association


Although Kyoto is hot as I said before, Kyoto actually does not mark that high temperatures!!

Even August, when is supposed to be the hottest month in Japan, is having the average temp of only 28.2 ℃ (Statistics:1981~2010)


Of course you can see that Kyoto is a kind of hot city as it has marked the hottest temp of 39.8 ℃ on August 8th in 1994. However, there are more than 15 cities have experienced temps of more than 40 ℃ in the past, such as Kumagaya/Saitama, Tazimi/Gifu and Yamagata/Yamagata.


‘Kyoto is not that bad’ ‘It is not a HOT city at all’

Those who are reading it right now might be thinking so.


Nonetheless, most of those who have already visited Kyoto say that


‘It’s super hot…’

‘What is this, can’t stop sweating…’

‘should have chosen an Uni either in Kobe or Osaka…’


Because of the mountains

Why do people feel so hot in Kyoto although actual temps are not that high??…(Of course temps are relatively high)

The reason behind it is the shape of the landscape!!


As you can see, the city of Kyoto is a city surrounded by mountains, so called a Basin City.

As you might know about the most noticeable feature,

it does not let wind come into the city from outside of mountains!!!



The first picture is a painting showing the landscape of Kyoto in 1690s,

The second one is a picture describing the landscape of current Kyoto.

Through those both picts, the city of Kyoto obviously is surrounded by mountains.


The reason why people feel hot in summer while in Kyoto is due to the mountains contrary to the actual temperature it records!!!

Let’s say the summer in Kyushu area is experiencing only scorching sun.

Yes of course it is hot and makes you get sweaty, but, you feel cool in the shade.

However, the summer in Kyoto is not that easy.


There is no wind currents in the city of Kyoto, the city is surrounded by mountains. That is the reason why fresh air is prevented from coming in, and there remains only this stale air moving around.

Thus you feel hot even if it is cloudy. Thus you feel hot even if you are in the shade.

Kyoto Zoo

It is not an exaggeration to state that summer in Kyoto viciously hot…

So, when you come to Kyoto in summer, please be mentally prepared fo your visit!!


It’s worth coming to Kyoto no matter how terrible weather is, you are always welcome to Kyoto!!!

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