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Let’s grab Cheap Japanese Snacks, “DAGASHI” !

When you were in elementary school, what kind of snack did you bring for an excursion day ??




Apples? Bananas? Skittles? or Shortbread?

In Japan, many of elementary school children buy snacks that we call “DAGASHI” at supermarket for their excursion day, and the school teachers offer a small amount of money to get snacks like 5 dollars, so that they always try to get as many snacks as they could to enjoy their lunch time!

“DAGASHI” in Japan is extremely cheap, like about 10 to 50 JPY(US¢10-50), and in addition to this, it’s easy to get at supermarkets and convenience stores.We can say it’s possible to find them almost everywhere in Japan. (In the past, there were tons of DAGASHI stores that only sold DAGASHI. Unfortunately, many of them are already closed because of the recent decline in children population in Japan.


Well, think about why do I talk to you all about “DAGASHI” even if you are not a child anymore ? The answer is ……

“DAGASHI” can be a great companion with your trip in KYOTO! Besides, it’s also a good  souvenir for your friends!


◆TOP3 popular “DAGASHI”◆

1.  “UMAI-BO” -うまい棒-   ¥10.


This is “UMAI-BO”, it means “delicious stick”, and it is like a cylindrical corn snack.

They do offer over 100 different tastes, including seasonal and regional tastes, and even cheese taste and corn potage taste are extremely popular among young people. The illustration on the bottom of the package shows the taste so have fun with finding your favorite!


2. “Baby Star Crispy Noodle Snack” -ベビースターラーメン-  ¥34.

This is “Baby Star Crispy Noodle Snack” which are fried ramen with chicken bouillon flavor. This can be eaten not only as a snack, but also as a topping of salad,  you will then  be able to enjoy its mouthfeel!


3. “TIROL CHOCOLATE” -チロルチョコ- ¥21.


This is “TIROL CHOCOLATE” , it is a chocolate with special taste or toppings.

They offer over 20 different tastes and also they do have english words for the taste, so that makes it easy for you to find your favorite flavor even if you have trouble understanding Japanese! My personal favorite one is “Kinako-mochi” flavor which comes with soybean flour taste and Mochi (rice cake), so I highly recommend you guys to grab one for your tea time!

Well, do you feel somewhat like; wanna get and find more of your favorite “DAGASHI” ?

Here’s a great place for you guys to get into “DAGASHI World”!!



◆FUNA HASHI YA -船はし屋-◆

This is a store specializing in “DAGASHI” I’ve mentioned in early chapter, and you will be able to enjoy and find your favorite “DAGASHI” here !!!!

Address: 579 Nakano-Cho, Ayanokoji, Teramachi-Street, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, KYOTO

Hours: 1:30 pm- 6:00pm

Regular Holiday: Thursday

This store is closed to the downtown area of Kyoto Kawaramachi; like 5 minutes walk from HANKYU KAWARAMACHI station, so if you’re interested, then check it out and grab some snacks !


To conclude, I would like to let you know that although eating TOO MUCH “DAGASHI” is not bad for wallet(because it’s cheap), it’s not good for your health!

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