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Do you want to know the other side of life with river “Kamogawa” in Kyoto?




Another life with “Kamo-River” in Kyoto?

Kamogawa Couples

 Have you ever heard of Kamo-River, which flows in the middle of Kyoto City? You must definitely take a visit at least once when you come to Kyoto City. It is a river invested with traditional and cultural importance.

      Since a long time, sacred water from the river is used for cleansing the body at rituals and in habitual life. Obviously as one would expect the local residents of Kyoto  must have played around the pleasant area along the Kamo river-side at least once in their childhood. Of course the children but even adults take a refreshing evening walk enjoying the scenic beauty along the river-side. You may find people with pets, some running, some playing sports, and so on.

    The Kamo river is thus a needful essence for the residents of Kyoto. I would like to introduce to you Kamo river’s varied beautiful features that represent each season.




     You might have known how beautiful cherry blossoms are in Japan. Kamo river is one of the most famous spots to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring. There are more than 1000 cherry blossom trees along the river side of Kamogawa. It usually starts blooming from the end of March. Many decide to have a lovely picnic under the trees along the side of Kamo river with home cooked lunch box and alcohol, especially beers.

     It’s one of the Japanese refined tastes. I bet you want to have THE Japanese experience in here, right?





     People get together around Kamo-River the most in summer. Why? Because the weather is hot and humid during the daytime at Kyoto, place to relax beside the river Kamogawa at night helps you to cool down and enjoy the pleasant chilly breeze . Especially on weekends, not only students, but also workers and tourists enjoy a cup of drink sitting along the side the river. You’re wondering if alcohol consumption is allowed in public ? Yes, in Japan, we are allowed to drink alcohol even in public!

     In addition, we have a type of restaurant with candle lit balconies overlooking the river, called “Kawadoko”. You shall have a Japanese traditional lunch or dinner along the side of the river Kamogawa. It is really popular even amongst Japanese people, so I recommend you to reserve your seats before you plan to visit.





     In fall, beside the river Kamogawa you can enjoy “Momiji”, autumn leaves change color to yellow or red. Along both side, leaves make like a red or yellow “carpet”. Kamogawa is one easily accessible place to see the beautiful view of autumn leaves.




     Kyoto is known as one of the extremely humid cities in summer. On the other hand, Kyoto experiences freezing winter. By the way, are you aware that when Kyoto is covered with snow and it displays  an overwhelmingly pretty scenery  ? When Kyoto turns really cold, the water is even frozen sometimes.

鴨川 雪


*One more point of river Kamogawa

    River Kamogawa is a well known dating spot for couples. It is not surprising to find couples flirting every 1 meters (about 3 ft) along the river side, especially around the evening. In fact, this is one such picture taken around 6pm.


      I’m sure you see a lot of youngsters sitting beside the river? Now you know what I told you is true. Actually, it’s pretty ludicrous. Don’t get too concerned, besides couple you even find groups of families and friends.

     Notably, Sanjo-Ohashi and Gion-Shijo area are more lively with people hanging around since they are close to Kyoto city center consisting of  a many sightseeing spots and shopping centers.

  During the daytime or in the evening after dinner when you feel like taking a break after a tiring day out amongst the crowded streets of Kyoto, come relax alongside river Kamogawa like we Japanese do.

Have fun relishing the four seasons of Kyoto walking along side river Kamogawa !




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