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In autumn, many leaves turn red or yellow and they make a fantastic scenery.

Especially, Japanese maple leaves illuminated at night is beyond description!!

In Kyoto, many temples and shrines are lit up and start having special admissions during the season of autumn leaves. Besides travelers, even we, I mean localities of Kyoto love to take a walk and look around the beauty of autumn leaves!

In this time, I would love to show you how this lighting ups are. Select the one that suits you during your visit to Kyoto from October to December !

Here is a TOP3+1 Ranking I recommend you to go for autumn leaves season for light up!


1. Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Many of you thinking of visiting Kyoto might already be knowing this famous temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple!
On the view from this temple, besides the brightly lit autumn leaves, you will even be able to enjoy the night view of Kyoto city and the lit up Kyoto tower located in front of Kyoto station.


DATE: 11/14-12/06
HOURS: 6:00pm-9:00pm
TICKETS: Adults ¥400, Middle & Elementary School Students ¥200
※Weekends may be crowded, so I recommend you guys to go on weekdays if you’re free.


This temple during the daytime with the Japanese autumn leaves is also appealing spot, and less crowded than the light-up time.
If you can’t stay in Kyoto for the night, visiting there at noon is a good choice as well !


2. Kodaiji Temple

During lit up time at Kodaiji temple, you shall walk in and around this temple seeing not only autumn leaves, but also traditional Japanese garden, the bamboo pathway in collaboration with autumn leaves is like a modern art!
Moreover, from my point of view, the pond plays a vital role mirroring the scenic beauty  and is to me the best spot to take a snap! (you can see reverse picture reflected upon the surface of the pond)


DATE: 10/23-12/13
HOURS: After sunset-9:30pm
TICKET: Adults ¥600 Kids ¥250

In addition, around Kodaiji-temple, there are some souvenir and coffee shops where you feel “THE”Kyoto atmosphere, so take your time in freezing this moment in your memories!


3. Arashiyama Hana-toro, Togetsu-kyo


If you feel like visiting a lit up place you can enjoy unusual atmosphere or mysterious views, this is the best alternative to make!
Needless to say, the leaves in Arashiyama area will turn red and yellow and is a great place to enjoy the lit up view, you shall enjoy the mysterious accord of the Japanese maple leaves, bamboos, and the river all lit up.


DATE: 12/12/-12/21
HOURS: 5:00pm-8:30pm
TICKET: No ticket (you can walk around for free)


4. Eizan Train Area

OMG! Here is one more way to enjoy autumn leave with Riding the train!

eizan train
Ninose station and Kibune guchi station will be lit up too, and so it’s a good to stop by to take some time break! (or even take pics like this ↑)
And, at the end of autumn season, the leaves would fall withering away on the railroads, we call this the  “leaves carpet”!

DATE: 11/09/-11/29
HOURS: After sunset-9:00pm
TICKET: One way: ¥210

In addition to these beautiful temples, here is more information about lighting up of the Japanese Maple leaves in Kyoto♪



ADDRESS: Eikando-cho 48, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
DATE: 11/06-12/03
HOURS: 5:30pm-8:30pm
TICKET: Adults:¥600 Kids:¥400


★Daigo-ji temple

ADDRESS: 22 Higashi-oji cho, Daigo, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
HOURS: 6:00pm-8:50pm
TICKET: Adults:¥1000

One more caution point for you is that there is a time lag when leaves start turning their color, so coming to Kyoto at the mid- autumn season as the end of Nov, you will be able to enjoy both yellow leaves and red ones!

Why don’t you go to enjoy the somewhat different atmosphere of temples and shrines from the day light time?:)
But, be careful, don’t fall down because the time lighting-up starts the outside gets dark!

Have a great night walk in ROMANTIC AUTUMN LEAVES WORLD!


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