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BIG 3 Famous Sake Places in Japan


Have you seen this picture?


You may have seen this picture of torii (red gates) at least once when you search for the sightseeing spots in Kyoto. So, this is “Fushimi-Inari shrine” located in Fushimi area, which is southern part of Kyoto prefecture.

But, Fushimi is not just a place for “Fushimi-Inari shrine.

….. So, what? It’s a SAKE! (Japanese rice wine) 

“Nada” area from Hyogo prefecture, “Saijyo” area from Hiroshima prefecture and “Fushimi” area from Kyoto prefecture are called “BIG 3 famous Sake place”! With this prestigious name, there are 24 local sake breweries just within the Fushimi area.


One of the important factors for tasty sake is “water”.


About 80% of a bottle of sake is made of water. Fushimi-area is surrounded by three rivers, Katsura-gawa, Kamo-gawa and Uji-gawa. Such a good quality of water since Yayoi-era has been used to brew great sake.

“Rice” is also an essential ingredient for sake.


Japanese sake is made by fermenting sake rice. “Iwai” is a Kyoto’s  locally cultivated sake rice coming from Tango and Tamba area (Northern part of Kyoto). This sake rice is a perfect suit for Ginjo sake (milled to 60%).


So, here is a “must visit” sake brewery in Fushimi.


At “Gekkeikan Ohkura memorial brewery”, you will be able to learn the process of sake brewing in Fushimi and a history of Japanese sake.

Guess what?

There will be a sake tasting after the visit! Hope you will enjoy a cultural experience and tasty sake after all!


Gekkeikan Ohkura Memorial Brewery 

Address: 〒612-8660 247 banchi, Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto

Number: TEL 075-623-2056 FAX 075-612-7571

Opening Hours:9:30AM ~ 4:30PM

Closing season: Obon season, New Years

Entrance free:Adults=300 yen 、Junior high & High school Students=100 yen
With Souvenirs:Junmai Sake (180ml) one bottle (For minors: Gekkeikan Ohkura Memorial Brewery Post Card )

Web site:http://www.gekkeikan.co.jp/enjoy/museum/index.html

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