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Kyoto is the city of Yokai !? Visit and see Yokai culture.


Don’t you think yokai, so to speak Japanese monster & ghost, doesn’t  exist in real world? In a moment you will realize the fact of Kyoto about Yokai. Long time ago, in Heian era, people in Kyoto was afraid of terrible epidemic of disease and ghost betrayed in politics confliction. So Kyoto’s location refers to Feng Shui in order to protectsuch bad things.  As a result, Kyoto was being called “a place infested with demons”. 妖怪サムネ Then there is another era when people were into yokai. It is Edo era. However people were interested in Yokai, they did not believe in Yokai really. In literature, toy, and play, Yokai got light on these stage.For instance, people took advantage of Yokai to do upbringing and discipline a child for bad behavior.

Anyway, you got the points of Yokai history in Kyoto. Then Yokai is coming up in Kyoto again. Ichijo shopping street holds this kind of event to encourage this place. Now there is named yokai street, so to speak monster street.  妖怪ストリート1

There, location name is Ichijo, is famous as monster and ghost trooping. If you are difficult to image its strange incident, have look at an image top on page. There are many yokai walking on human world. Ichijo is located in northern Kyoto. People believed there is the boundary between human world and hell. Even now when you walk on Ichijo street you can see plenty of yokai.

Yokai street is not only shopping street, but also art market. Its market has a lot of crafts featured with yokai. So many funny, scary, weird and cute stuffs will welcome to you. As long as i know, there are more interesting things than introduced here. You should visit Yokai street and enjoy a lot!



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