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The oldest elevator in Japan ? Have you ever heard about it ?

“Most things”  on earth always tend to be valued to be something great, at some places where they become famous.
For example, do you know the biggest mountain in Japan?
Yes, its the Mont Fuji ! and now  both Japanese and foreigners want to climb to the peak of Mt.Fuji these days.
So, today,  I  would like to show you the OLDEST ELEVATOR in Japan which is in KYOTO !

The oldest elevator is in TOHKA SAIKAN(東華菜館), a Chinese restaurant located in Kyoto KAWARAMACHI downtown area, 5 minutes walk by both KAWARAMACHI station for HANKYU Line and GION SIJO station for KEIHAN Line.
 =Brief History of TOH KA SAIKAN= 
The building, TOKASAIKAN, was built by William Merrell Vories, an american architect in 1926. It looks totally western so it is not regarded much as a “Kyoto style”  (= as the typical Japanese style)building. At first, when this building was built, mainly western dishes was served in the restaurant. However,  because of the war, the restaurant was forced to change their style of dishes, so they started to serve Chinese food.

HOW DO YOU LOOK LIKE, Mister elevator ? ↓

This is a picture from outside the oldest elevator! How do you think ?
Looks old but nothing so special…….. ?
SO let’s see from the inside!


2 doors for 2 sides(I mean one door for each side), it even used to have a special lift operator inside.
When you go into the box(elevator), the driver closes the sliding door from the outside and then close the one inside (as you can see from the pic above↑) . The sound of the doors closing is very special, it sounds like “GACHAGACHAGACHA—–”
You’ve been gradually getting into the nostalgic world, don’t you?

The lift operator controls the elevator with this wheel↓
If you turn it left, the lift goes down; and if you turn it right, the lift goes up!
It must obviously be controlled by skilled operators !
(★Be careful★We are not allowed to control it, even touching the wheel is forbidden !)

What’s this↓? A clock ?? (they do have just until 5 tho)
スクリーンショット 2015-12-24 18.35.52

This shows where we are(So now we just left the first floor and we are going to the Second floor). You might wonder why the distance between the fourth and fifth floor is longer than the distance between the second and the third floor. The answer is that it depends on the height of the ceilings.

How about TOH KA SAIKAN restaurant?
They offer lunch from about 700 yen,  not so richer could also possibly enjoy the nice view of Kyoto with Kamo river in front of TOH KA SAIKAN!
(They do have TAKE-OUT menu as well★)

Brief information of restaurant TOH KA SAIKAN
Location: Shijo Ohashi Nishi dume, Shimogyo ward, Kyoto city, KYOTO
Hours: 11:30am-9:30pm (L.O.9:00pm)

Please be careful that if you want to try and get into this kind of ancient world elevator, you have to eat something at TOH KA SAIEN restaurant! The restaurant is not too expensive, so I recommend you to visit the place just at least to feel this unknown antique world!

Moreover, On the Second floor you have antique furnitures made during the beginning of twentieth century. You shall walk around and have a look while you are waiting at the restaurant or even after you are finished with your meal !
At the end, they also offer YUKA, you can eat lunch/dinner at the terrace seats while enjoying Kamo river during the summer time!

#Small supplementation #
You might wonder where is the oldest elevator in the whole WORLD while you’re reading this blog, don’t you ?? :)
We also don’t know ! sorry ! If you find other ones or some article talking about the oldest elevator in the world, please do share with us!

This moment totally takes you back hundred years ago!

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