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Try Yokai Ramen on Yokai Street!!!


Yokai Street

Do you know there is a street called Yokai Street in Kyoto?

Yokai is a Japanese word meaning supernatural monsters or demons in English.
Yokai Street is located in Northern part of Kyoto city, Ichijo.

In many Japanese folktales, Yokai had night parades called Hyakki Yakou once in a while to revenge human beings.  In Hyakki Yakou, it is believed that every product used in everyday life was treated very badly by human beings. So those products got angry and then they turned into demons so-called Yokai to revenge human beings who treated them poorly.Hyakki Yako

Ichijo street is known as a route of the Hyakki Yakou, there are many folktales that people met Yokai on this Ichijo Street. So this Ichijo street was named Yokai Street after those folktales in 2005 for community development. Yokai Street throws many events related to Yokai, like Yokai Market and Yokai Object Contests. Many tourists visit their events.


Also, each store has its own Yokai character statues in front of its store and each of them has a name.


Yokai Ramen

Today I would like to introduce Yokai Ramen from Restaurant Inoue.
What did you imagine when you see the word, Yokai Ramen?
Well, it looks like this….

Yokai Ramen

What do you think? Does it look good…..?  I don’t know, honestly I was a little bit afraid to eat this….

Usually, Ramen Soup is light brown or whitish base, but this soup is black and noodle is light purple colored, even there were some red powder on some pork-slices.

I was afraid to try it first but it tasted really good!

Black soup is chicken based soup and colored by bamboo charcoal, and noodle is colored by Cape Jasmine. Both of them are natural colorant, so they are very healthy although it looks very unpleasant for your health!

Red powder is made from bell pepper, and other ingredients are Chinese Chive, Century eggs and roasted pork-slices. Soup is very mild and it tastes really good!

I interviewed the master of Restaurant Mr. Inoue.

お食事処いのうえThis Yokai ramen was the first Yokai Menu on Yokai Street, he wanted to make a menu, which represents Yokai Street. Now Yokai Ramen is very healthy and good, but at first Mr. Inoue tried squid ink to color soup and Chinese red chili oil as a red spice on ramen. Squid ink had too strong flavor and Chinese red oil was too spicy, so he changed ingredients!

Now, many tourists and foreign tourist visit Yokai Street and the restaurant Inoue.

People from Yokai Street are very warm and friendly, I am sure you will have great time there!

Yokai Street is very close from Kitano Tenmangu Shrine!


Please visit Yokai Street and try Yokai Ramen when you visit Kitano Tenmangu Shrine!

Restaurant Inoue
Hours Lunch   11:00-14:30
Dinner 17:30-21:00
Closed on Tuesdays

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