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Many Japanese people love to get GOOD LUCK CHARMS at shrines and temples, and we sometimes get it for our family members or some well-known friends  in order to pray something, such as road safety or having baby!

Each of GOOD LUCK CHARMS have own messages and different looks.

Before introducing sweet lovely good luck charms, I’d like to talk a little about the history of good luck charm in Japan briefly.

“Once upon a time, the teachers from shrines and temples thought that they had wanted to give the chances for everybody to hear spiritual awakening. However, in fact, it’s really hard for the people who had lived in far away from shrine/temple to come to pray. So they had given this good luck charms for them as a part of symbol of the god in order to pray at their house daily.”

= “good luck charm is a part of God.”

From now, I would love to introduce TOP3 my favorite ones with their meanings.


1.For your special desires, “Shimogamo Shrine”


At Shimogamo Shrine, they offer good luck charm for your own desire which means you will be able to pray whatever you want to grant!

Each of all have different color, design and feel, so find your favorite design although it must take too much time to decide!

★We also have an article about Shimogamo Shrine, so please check it out to get more information about Shimogamo Shrine!


2.Good Relationship Charm, “Nishiki Tenmangu”

錦天満宮 なかよりまもり700


From Nishiki Tenmangu, which is close to Nishiki Market, they have good luck charm on good relationship. This is good to get with your partner or siblings! (This is coming with 2 parts)


3.Luck with money, “Matsuo Taisha”


This is luck with money charm which is made with Chirimen craft from “Matsuo Taisha” which is kind of shrine close to Arashiyama area.

This area is famous for Japanese rose we call Yamabuki and it’s the model of this charm.

It is said that it’s good to have this charm with your wallet!!

These are really brief pick ups of Good Luck charms!

So let’s find your favorite ones and give it for your special person.

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