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Try THE BEST Green-Tea Kit Kat in Kyoto.


Dear tourists, when you come to Kyoto, don’t forget to buy a Kit Kat special edition.

Some of you might heard variety of Kit Kat flavor Japanese got.

I think you might have tried milk chocolate or black chocolate Kit Kat in your own country, but never heard of green tea, cheese cake, and original flavors we have?

Then check the video below.

Americans Try Exotic Japanese Kit Kats

< BUZZ FEED Video >

 Like this video, we have special flavor in different areas and prefectures.

Kit Kat Special Flavor Map

Kit Kat.jpeg のコピー

< Nestle Kit Kat Souvenir Map >

Tochigi – Tochi Otome / Strawberry Flavor.

Kanto / Kou-Shin-Etsu – Strawberry Cheese Cake Flavor.

Tokyo –  Ram and Raisin Flavor.

Yokohama – Strawberry Cheese Cake Flavor.

Shin-shu – Apple Flavor and Chili Flavor.

Shizuoka / Kantou – Wasabi Flavor.

Toukai / Hokuriku – Red Bean Flavor.

Kyoto – Green Tea Flavor and Roasted Green Tea / HoujiCha Flavor.

Kobe – Pudding Flavor.

Chu-goku / Shikoku Island – Citrus Flavor.

Kyu-Shu Island – Awaou Strawberry  Flavor.

Okinawa and Kyu-Shu Island – Taro / Purple Potato Flavor.

In Kyoto, we have Green Tea and Roasted Green Tea / Houjicha. You can easily find these at souvenir shops or drug stores. Also, If you want to try every flavor, go to Nestle Online Store !

< https://shop.nestle.jp/front/category/KitkatCrunchAero/ >

Kyoto got the best green tea in Japan, so many green tea sweets shops, cafes, and green tea souvenirs.

I am sure your friends are all waiting for you to pick up Kit Kat for them !!

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