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Let’s make your own special name seal in Kyoto!

Once you visit someplace on the earth for the first time,

Have you ever felt like taking back some signs or stuffs that holds your memory glued to that revered place of yours?

Stickers? Spoons? Snowballs? Magnets?

In Japan, Sanrio Co., Ltd. offers regional keychains from each prefecture. There are some people even girls who are into collecting these lovely keychains.

kitty key ring

Although this is even great to memorize the footsteps of your journey of a special place in Japan,

Here is exactly the perfect option I would like to recommend you as a special souvenir, only you if you’re planning to visit Kyoto!

The best part of Hanameshi is that it’ your original design and is handy to take back home as a souvenir and even present one to your friends and families.

HANA MEISHI (Flower taste business card)


This is HANA MEISHI(flower taste business card) Maiko-san is one who uses it on regular basis! Maiko-san sometimes gives this name card to the people who often visit their place during Tea ceremony or other such events, and Maiko-san do order their own original  design and color of their name card at the shop, so that there is no other name card same on this planet!



Short History of HANA MEISHI


Long time ago(during the Meiji period, 1868-1912), one of the KIMONO designers, SUIHO Matsumura gave his sketch on the Japanese paper we call Washi to Maiko-san in order to make their own business cards.

He had made one for each one unique to the individual’s  feel and looks ;which means to say that there existed no same name card.

Let’s make you  own special HANA MEISHI in Kyoto

Some shops in Kyoto, even if you’re not Maiko-san, you will be able to make your own name card with Kyoto taste.

Here is the shop information, so if you’re interested in, please check this out.


Shop name: Ikuokaya (幾岡屋)

Location: 577-2 Gion-machi Minami-gawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto JAPAN 605-0074


The back of this HANA MEISHI is made with seal, so it’s good to decorate your smartphones, suitcase and laptops!



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