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Do you know what Japanese favorite food, “Nabe”, is?


Nabe is Japanese style hotpot!!!

     Do you know what Nabe is? It is Japanese style hotpot that we especially eat in winter. Japanese people love Nabe when the weather is really cold. We eat Nabe and get warm at home or at a restaurant.

     The very old style is Nabe with “Kotatsu”, which is furnished with a heater under a small low table covered by thick blanket called “Futon”. We surround the Nabe placed on the center of Kotatsu and eat together.





*How to cook?

     Nabe is the easiest Japanese dish to cook. I’ll show you how you can easily cook Nabe at home!



     Buy some nabe seasoning that you like such as soy sauce, soy milk, or Korean spicy taste…there are a lot of flavors. You can easily get them at a supermarket in Japan or an Asian market in your country.


     You need a pot, water and ingredients that you want to eat. First, put some water in the pot and add ingredients when it is boiled. You can put WHATEVER you want into a pot. We usually use vegetables (Nappa cabbage, Green onion, Daikon, and so on) and meats (chicken, pork, beef), other stuff (rice cake, gelatin noodle)…like, literally, a variety of food!


     Wait till vegetables and meats are completely boiled. When they are done, LET’S EAT!



     Wasn’t it super easy to cook Nabe? There are also a lot of restaurants you can eat and each one has different taste.

These are example of different kinds of Nabe.

*Motsu nabe

     Motsu is hormone of beef or pork. For this Nabe, the hormone is the main ingredient and also we put Chinese chive, cabbage, and garlic in soy sauce flavor soup. It’s originally from Southern part of Japan, Kyushu area but recently there are a variety of famous restaurants  in other areas as well.






     Shabu-Shabu is another style of Nabe. For this Nabe, we use really thin sliced meat as you can see in the box made in wood. It’s boiled only in 10 second right after you put in a hotpot. That’s why you just need pick called “shabu-shabu” in Japanese.




     I assume you are getting hungry after you looked at these delicious looking pictures of Nabe. When we cook and eat Nabe along with some friends, it’s called “Nabe Party”. As I explained, Nabe is popular food in Japan and everyone likes it.

     Please try Nabe, Japanese style hotpot, at your home or at a restaurant in Japan! We are waiting for your visit with the best delicious Nabe!

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