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Rickshaw Experience in Kyoto

you have travelled all over the world, you may have tried the pulled rickshaw  even in other Asian countries.

In these Asian countries, rickshaw is a way of transportation for people who live there.

On the other hand,  Japanese people don’t take a pulled rickshaw  for daily use because we have bus and train everywhere.

However, the word “Rickshaw” comes from Japanese word “Rikisha” so Rickshaw is a still part of Japanese culture.


Even today, we shall hop on to one Rickshaw in several spots located.

Kyoto has two places where we can experience Japanese rickshaw.

One is in Arashiyama and the other is in Higashiyama.

In this article, I will introduce tips to enjoy Japanese Rickshaw experience in Kyoto.


Reservation is not required

You don’t have to make special request to experience Rickshaw.
If you walk through the bamboo path in Arashiyama or the Nene street near Kodaiji temple in Higashiyama area, Rikishawa-puller-man will come talking to you.
You can check price and courses with him and if you like it, the tour starts from there.

Normally, it costs 2000~3000yen per person including a guide who will introduce every places you are visiting.


1. Enjoy Rickshaw with Kimono in Higashiyama

If you try Rickshaw in Higashiyama area, I recommend you to rent Kimono before taking a rikishaw.

In Higashiyama, there are many rental Kimono shops so you can easily experience Japanese traditional costume.

If you ride a Rickshaw while wearing Kimono, you will feel as if you are a Japanese noble lady.


2. Be relaxed at Arashiyama    

Rickshaw experience in Arashiyama is especially fun during summer time.

If you get around temples and shrines in Arashiyama, you will get easily tired because you have to walk long distances between each touristic spots. 

Instead of taking taxi, rickshaw is going to be a great choice.

Going through bamboo path makes you feel refreshed and serene.


Like these, rickshaw experience in Kyoto is really cool !
If you want to have a special and unique experience, try the rickshaw !!

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