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Luminarie 2014
Luminarie 2014

Have you ever heard about the Great Hanshin Earthquake ?

The Great Hanshin Earthquake happened on January, 17,1995 in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture. It entirely destroyed Kobe and its surrounding and claimed the life of 6,434 people. It was considered at that time as one of the worst earthquake that happened in Japan.

Because of the damages that the earthquake caused to the cities, many people had to live in the darkness. This is when it started. The first Luminarie, which happened the same year as the earthquake, in December 1995, was created in order to give not only lights, but also hope and recovery to the heart of the inhabitants of Kobe.

Thought the first Luminarie was supposed to be one single event, its popularity was so high that it was quickly decided to have this event be annual. Every year this event attracts more than 5 millions people in only a period of two weeks and raises more than  $1 million as donations for other natural disaster support.

Luminarie Kobe
Luminarie Kobe

This year, the Luminarie would be more than special because it commemorates 20 years after the Great Hanshin Earthquake. For the 21st Luminarie, it would be not only a corridor of lights that you could enjoy, but actually an entire tunnel of lights. By going to this event, you are not only enjoying a beautiful landscape of lights and colors, but you are also paying tribute to all the souls lost during the Great Hanshin Earthquake.


WHERE : Kobe City. Get off at Sannomiya or Motomachi Station (JR Line)

It start from the Former Foreign Settlement (Motomachi) and ends at Higashi Yuenchi Park

WHEN : From 2015 December 4th till December 13th (Ten days)

From Monday till Thursday : 18:00~21:30

Friday : 18:00~22:00

Saturday : 17:00~22:00

Sunday : 17:00~21:30

HOW MUCH : Absolutely Free !