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3 Unique Activities you Should Experience in Kyoto



If you have visited Kyoto several times, you may feel bored when you go around temples and shrines.

Everything looks similar and you may get exhausted while you are walking around Kyoto.


If so, why don’t you try something new ?

Sightseeing in Kyoto is not just about visiting historical places. There are also many places where you can experience Japanese culture. These activities are easy to try and not so expensive.

Get some ideas from this article : Tips of traveling in Kyoto.


1. Tea Ceremony Experience

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Tea ceremony is one of the best way to know Japanese culture. You can learn about Tea Ceremony and enjoy traditional Japanese green tea Matcha during this unique experience.

It is hold on tatami room and you feel you can totally be relax when you step into the room.

The room is very simple but yet comfortable. Once you see the room, soon you will understand how Japanese people find beauty in simplicity. It’s for sure going to be a great  experience for you.

In most places, you will receive a lecture about tea ceremony. The master of tea ceremony will teach you briefly about Japanese Tea’s history and what Tea Ceremony represents for Japanese people.  Many places  offer lectures in English, so foreign tourists don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

After lecture, you can make your own Matcha using professional tea ceremony instruments.

Without those specific stools, you prepare real Japanese Tea. Why don’t you have a try while you are in Kyoto ?

It only costs 2000~3000JPY and it’s better to make reservation prior you arriving to Japan.

Information : 

Tea Ceremony En (Near Chion-In Temple)

Tea Ceremony Ju-An (Near Kyoto Station)

Tea Ceremony KOTO (Near Kinkaku-ji Temple)

2. Making Okonomiyaki on Teppan


Cooking Japanese food is also a nice activity.

Especially, okonomiyaki is a very unique type of food from the west part of Japan, and it is very fun to make.

It is like a big pancake  which includes cabbage, egg, flour , sliced pork, red ginger and dashi(soup stock from fish) Even though it looks like a pancake, it’s really salty because of the special sauce, the okonomiyaki sauce, on the top of it ! (See picture. It’s dark brown)

The chef will mix all the ingredients and you just have to flip it on the iron plate with a special spatula.

It’s really exciting to flip okonomiyaki. Kyoto has many okonomiyaki restaurants so it’s not difficult to find one !

Let’s make your lunch or dinner time special.

3. Sitting in Zen meditation


Participating in Zen meditation session is also very interesting and can make you feel more Japanese than other people.

In Kyoto, some temples have Zen meditation sessions for public every weekends. It is open for public so tourists are welcomed to take part of the session.

Although you have to go to temple early in the morning, your mind and heart will be very clear. During zen meditation session, you will sit on the floor about one hour and try not think about anything. Through this practice,  you can forget your stress and pressure of your busy life. Nowadays, meditation is seen as a very convient way to release your stress during your everyday life. By coming to one of those session, you can learn how to meditate and how to use it for your own life.

English Zen Meditation Shunkoin Temple (Check the Calendar before coming to the temple)


As you see, there are many things to do other than visiting temples and shrines.

Of course, it’s nice to mix temple visiting and those activities.

If you stay in Kyoto several days,  why don’t you try one of it?


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