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Make a wise decision! ~4 recommended Kyoto rental cycle shops~


When you travel, which public transportation do you take? Train? Bus? Taxi? In Kyoto, you can’t go to most of famous places by train, buses are always packed and Taxies might be quite expensive for you. Considering such problems, rental cycling is the best to travel around Kyoto!

The good way to do sightseeing in Kyoto is to decide the district you move around by a bicycle so that you can go to a lot of temples, shrines, and gardens. Generally in Kyoto, historical spots are concentrated around specific districts so you won’t get tired.



The Best 4 shops you can rent Bicycle

1, Hankyu Rental Cycle (Saiin Center)

The prices offered are surprisingly cheap. It costs from ¥310~ and it’s less than you ride on the bus twice. business hours is longer compared with other shops. I really recommend if you travel around late at night(closed 23:30). From Saiin Center, Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Kinkakuji temples are really close.


2,Kyoto Cycling Tour Project

The shops have 5 centers in Kyoto city, which are close to sightseeing spots, and have tie-up with some hotels and guest houses. Maps below shows the Fushimi center, you can go to Fushimi Inari Shrine and Fushimi Momoyama Castle.


3,Rental Cycle Kyoto eco Trip

The shop will meet your any requirements. You can ask them deliver and collect the bicycles. You can also get the original maps and advices for cycling in Kyoto. It will definitely help your Kyoto Travel.



4,Machikado MinaPort

The good point of the shop is that you can rent and return any shops; they have 4 station in Kyoto station. You don’t have to worry when it gets rain. Price is affordable and it’s easy to rent a bicycle.


Please check the each website when you rent a bicycle and choose the shop which suits your journey in Kyoto.

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