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Kitchen & Cafe HALINA -Fair Trade connecting Kyoto and the Philippines


Fair Trade Bananas


What is fair trade?

Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.


There are a lot of big fans of banana all over the world. However, do you know where the banana come from and who make it?

Today, we visit Kitchen & Cafe HALINA.

In HALINA, you can have a meal and cake made from fair trade food. You can see who makes the food and how it is produced. Also fair trade banana is available in the store.


Visiting the Philippines changed her life


When she visit the Philippines, she encountered the farm where banana was made. She was impressed with this experience to witness how Philippine banana  which is really popular in Japan was actually produced.

She says that in HALINA you can learn fair trade by actually eating those bananas.


Supporting each other…


We visited HALINA on March 11.

The owner Ms. Sato told us this story.

When the earthquake hit Japan four years ago, people in Negros, the Philippines, sent us bananas, and they said “We can send only bananas”. Surprisingly,  they still keep sending bananas to kindergartens in Japan even now.

Our relationship with people in Negros has continued for about 30 years. This is not one way relationship just from us. Our good relationship is based on our both sides of approach.


Passion for HALINA

Ms. Sato talks about why she started the store and how she thinks about the store at the moment.  The cake made from fair trade banana was delicious!


Enjoy  in this lovely store


The owner Ms Tomoko Sato runs her store by herself.

You can see some lovely goods in the store. Especially, in the toilet, you see a lot of books! You might not able to come out once you enter!


More details

Official Web Site: Kitchen&Cafe HALINA

Open: 11:00-14:00/17:00-21:00 ( only night on Monday)

Close: Sunday, Holiday


BUS  Line 206 to Kitaoji Bus Terminal from Kyoto station

BUS  Line 3 to Kitashirakawashibusecho from Sijo Kawaramachi

BUS  Line 65 from Shijo Karasuma

Train A 5-minute walk from Mototanaka station on Eizan Line

※ Banana arrives every Friday