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Experience 7 Japanese Traditional Performances at One Time!~Gion Corner~


Are you wishing to experience traditions in Kyoto?

Gion corner is the best place to experience Kyoto and Japanese traditions at one time.

You can experience 7 traditional Japanese performances on one stage at Gion Corner.


1. Kyo-mai Dance

Dance performance performed by Geiko or Maiko, which is originating in Kyoto. Elegant and dazzling dance shows traditions and beautiful nature of Kyoto.

2. Flower Arrangement

The art of creating arrangements made from flowers and other materials. Each flower has meanings, so people enjoy using seasonal flowers and meanings of each flowers to create beautiful arrangements.

3. Tea Ceremony

Purpose of tea ceremony is to serve tea to guests. After Sennorikyu stylized tea ceremony, many other styles of tea ceremony were stylized. Gion corner performs “Ryurei” style, which is seating on stools instead of kneeling on tatami for foreign visitors.

4. Koto Zither

Koto came to Japan from China 13000years ago. Koto is an ancient Japanese instrument, which is six-stringed zither played with ivory plectrums worn on the fingers.

5. Gagaku Court Music

Gagaku is the name for traditional Japanese music and dance performed at the imperial court, shrines and temples.

6. Kyogen Theatre

Kyogen is a form of play that portrait life at that time comically.

7. Bunraku Puppete

Bunraku is Japanese traditional puppet theatre. Bunraku was on UNESCO’s list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2003.

All performances are done in about 1 hour.

You can participate in some performances. Also you are allowed to take pictures and videos!

It will be your coolest experience in Kyoto!


Performance Time

Every day at 6:00pm and at 7:00pm

(From December till the second week of March, performance will be held on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays only)

Closed Day

July 16th, August 16th and from December 29 to January 3rd.



Adults ¥3,150

Student(age 16-22) ¥2,200

Children(age 7-15) ¥1900

Group Sales(over 20 people)

Adults ¥2,200

School Trips

Age 16-18 ¥1,300

Age 7-15 ¥1,000

Tourist Season Discounts(from July 1st to Feb 28th)

Adults ¥3,150 → ¥2,500



Individuals: No need to reserve

Groups and School Trips: Reserve by day before visiting



From JR Kyoto Station

Take City Bus 206 or 100 to the bus stop and 5 minutes walk


5 minutes walking from Keihan Line Gion Shijo Station

10 minutes walking from Hankyu Line Kawaramachi Station

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