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Japanese Traditional Sweets: OHAGI

Japanese traditional sweets ohagi

Hello, everyone! My name is Yosuke.


This time, I’ll be taking you to  Otafuku, where you’ll be able to try our Japanese traditional sweets, OHAGI!

Ohagi is a rice ball coated with red beans paste.

It’s really familiar to Japanese people from old days and available almost anywhere in Japan, even in supermarkets.

However, this Ohagi is very special.

Colorful OHAGI

Aren’t they beautiful ? !


It’s like a treasure box of Ohagi!


Ms. Kawasaki who is the owner of the shop hand makes eight different types of Ohagi every morning.

With assortments of

Red Bean, White Bean, Soybean, Flour, Green Laver, Black Sesame, Japanese Apricot(Ume), Green Japanese Plum, Ancient Rice)

Each Ohagi goes well with Green Tea.

In this shop, Ms. Kawasaki recommends purchasing the Green Tea set(¥600), which comes with one Ohagi.



Come to Gion, and Stop by  

The shop is located behind the Yasui Konpiragu near the Kenninji Temple.

If you have chance to go to Gion, I really recommend this shop.

Souvenir Boxes are also available.

The interior was renovated from old Japanese-style house.



Information of the shop

Gion Otafuku

Open: 10:00~18:00 (closed when Ohagi is sold out)

Close:Thursdays, and Fourth Wednesday

Access:  2 mins from Higashiyamayasui (Bus)

10 mins from GionShjijo station (Keihan)

12 mins from ShijoKawaramachi

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