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eX cafe Kyoto Arashiyama ~Kyoto Brews~


Kyoto Brews

Kyoto is now getting so hot. Short spring is nearly over, and summer is almost there.

Spring and Autumn are popular for tourists, but summer is also beautiful season to walk around the city with full green trees.

Today I will introduce you to a good place to take a break while Kyoto sightseeing in Arashiyama which is one of the busiest places with tourists.



Arashiyama/ ex cafeArashiyama is located in the west end of the Kyoto city.

Mountains, trees, and river.

Temple, shrine, and bridge.

It is a area with full of beautiful  nature and history.

Additionally, Arashiyama is a popular place for eating “matcha”! Do you know “matcha”? It is now becoming famous all over the world. It is a Japanese special type of green tea. Not only as drink, but also as flavor, now matcha is getting a lot of big fans in the world.

Do not miss trying it when you come to Arashiyama!!


eX cafe Kyoto Arashiyama

The cafe I will show you today is here eX cafe Kyoto Arashiyama the main store.


After just a few minutes of walk from Arashiyama station, you will see this elegant entrance. This is the one today we visit! The cafe has an old style of Japanese building built about 80 years ago and a beautiful garden which is around 400 ㎡ inside, you can enjoy the garden from any tables!


You can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks in eX cafe, you must take forever to decide what you get!

These are what I got today.

Kuromaru Cake and Matcha!


Look at the cakes! They are black!

The cakes have bamboo charcoal inside, that is why it looks black and tastes a bit toasted. They are so fluffy and, at the same time, crunchy. The matcha cream is really rich and sweet well. The Matcha drink has a delicate bitterness. It makes an amazing combination with Kuromaru cakes!

Kyoguro Roll Harimaen Matcha  Drink set  1,290yen (+tax)

・Kyoguro Roll Harimaen Matcha (890yen (+tax)  for single)


The cafe is absolutely worth visiting and trying matcha sweets when you come to Arashiyama!!


eX cafe Kyoto Arashiyama the main store
Open: 10.00-18.00 (L.O. 17:30)
Access: a-few-minute walk from Arashiyama station of Keifuku line

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