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The God of Electricity? Dendengu -Let’s Step into the World of Kamisama-


“What is the god of electricity?”, ” What does it mean by the god of something?”

If you have those questions, check out the article sited below! I introduce you to the Japanese religious belief. Why Japanese people believe plural gods? Why each shrine has a different god in Japan? You will get familiar with the Japanese religion by reading the article!

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So, today I will introduce you the detail of one of interesting shrines in Kyoto listed in the article above.


Summer is coming…


Short spring is almost over. Japan is known as a country having a beautiful and clear four seasons in a year. However, in the reality, spring and autumn (the seasons when you can see the most beautiful nature) are really short. Although it is still in May, summer is almost there…

But, summer is also nice time to visit Kyoto. The weather is amazing, and the city is beautiful with the full of green trees. If you have not been to Kyoto in summer, you should visit once in your life!

The shrine today I will show you is located in Arashiyama area, which is one of the most popular places for Kyoto sightseeing in summer.



This is Dendengu!

This shrine worships the god of electricity. Compared with other shrines in Kyoto, this shrine has a really modern god! The shrine is in the temple called Horinji Temple, and after going up to the middle of the stairs over the temple’s gate, you will see Dendengu on the left side.

Present shrine of Dendengu was built in 1969. In Horinji Temple, the god of thunderbolt (called “Denden Myojin”) had been worshiped since a long time ago. However, the shrine was burnt down in 1864. After almost one century, the shrine was rebuilt in order to worship the god of electricity, accompanying with the spread of electrical appliances.


This tower was set up in order to appreciate great achievement of electrical technology. Portraits of Thomas Edison (on the right) and Heinrich Hertz (on the left) are on the wall.

(Do you know there is a relationship between Kyoto and Edison? If you do not know, check this out now!

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A variety of people visit this shrine, such as electric product company, mobile company, IT company and TV station. Those companies supporting this shrine are listed on the board next to the shrine.

If you are working in a company of electric industry or using those company’s products, you should visit this shirne!

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