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Gold, Gold, Gold! -Let's Step into the World of Kamisama


If you want to be a millionaire, definitely you should visit the shrine today I will show you.

If you have already read the articles below, you must be familiar with the Japanese religious belief. If you haven’t, you should check them out now!

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In this series, “Let’s Step into the World of Kamisama”, I introduce you the Japanese original religion “Shinto” and guide you to unique shrines in Kyoto.

Mikane Shrine -the god of gold-

Mikane shrine

Today’s place is here Mikane Shrine.

This shrine is located very near from the popular Kyoto sightseeing spot, Nijo Castle.

Guess what kind of god is worshiped.

Yes, it is obvious from its appearance, which is all covered with gold. This Mikane Shrine worships the god of gold!

There are a number of shrine having a god of gold or a god of money in Japan.  However, there is no other shrine having such an obvious looking except this shrine. It seems to be a so strong power spot for money.

Mikane shrine

This shrine was constructed in 1883. Technically speaking, the shrine worships the god of all metal materials, such as gold, silver and copper. The original torii (gate) was burned, and the present torii was built in 2006 with all covered with gold.

After the golden torii was set up, the shrine became famous as the power spot for money. Now many people visit here when they come to Nijo Castle.

Mikane shrine

This board is called “ema”, on which people write their wishes. If you have any wishes about money, get your ema on the left side of the shrine.


The shrine is located really near from a popular sightseeing spot, Nijo Castle. If you have a chance to visit the castle, why not go a little farther in order to pray for your wish about money!?



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