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Enjoy the cool summer ? Let's do “Hozugawa-river Boat Ride”!


Anyone who have Felt too Hot in Kyoto?



It’s been getting summer here in Kyoto these days, so during your stay in Kyoto, you may feel it’s too hot for you guys to walk around the downtown for long.

At such time, here is an awesome recommended plan for you to enjoy the cool summer in Kyoto which is “Hozugawa-river Boat Ride” !!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get into the cool summer while you are in Hozugawa-river Boat Ride!


The starting point: Kameoka area which is 30 mins far away from Kyoto station

The landing point: Arashiyama which is one of the most famous and popular places to have sight seeing in Kyoto !

This boat ride takes about 1.5 hour although it depends on the weather condition.

During the riding time,  the boatman will explain the history of Hozugawa-river with some jokes and you would feel like you are doing Rapid Rafting at some points!

Sometimes, water falls on a part of you, so that I recommend you to get the waterproof clothes.

Like to go ? How to get the Ticket?

boat ride ticketsYou can get the ticket at the starting point with 4,100 JPY for an adult and 2,700 JPY for a child (4-12 years old).

They also have a small restaurant and a souvenir shop at the starting point, so if you are hungry before the boarding time, you should grab some food !

Convenience store on the River ???

YES !!!

boat ride convenience store

They do have a convenience store (which is not the same as the one we have in downtown though) on the river and you will be able to get some snacks and drinks (they also offer SAKE)! You may have time to eat and enjoy those on the boat !They also offer Rafting tour in this area, so if you are interested in, please check it out on the Website of boat ride.

With these brief interesting points, you must be interested in Hozugawa-river Boat ride !!!!

Of course, you will be able to enjoy this Boat Ride throughout the 4 seasons.

BUT !! It must be the best to go during the summer, as you may know, to cool down !


At the end, I really recommend you guys to look around Arashiyama area which is the landing point after you enjoyed “Hozugawa-river Boat Ride”!

=Here is more information=

Official Website(in English):  http://www.hozugawakudari.jp/en

Tel: 81-771-22-5846 (for International)

Open Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm everyday

Address: 2 Shimo-Nakajima Hozu-cho Kameoka, Kyoto 6210005, Japan

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