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The God of Sports? – Let's Step into the World of Kamisama-


Do you follow any sports?

MLB and NPB (baseball league in the US and Japan) are getting really exciting at the moment. All the teams are vying for the champion every single day.

If you follow soccer, it is also becoming the most intense time. The climaxes of each country’s league are the final of UEFA Championship League, and  the 2018 World Cup Qualification. There are so many games  you must watch!

Perhaps, you play some sports, and you are preparing for an important match.

Sports always make us really excited, either when you watch or when you play. All the people wish your team winning.

So, today, I will introduce you to the best place to visit for sports lovers!


If you do not know about the Japanese original religion, Shinto, you must check the article below out first.

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Shiramine Jinguh


Shiramine Jinguh is a shrine located in the North part of Kyoto City. You can get there for walking from Imadegawa Station which is the city subway line.

This shrine worships the god of sports, which is really rare even in Japan.

Have you heard of Kemari(蹴鞠)?  This is a Japanese traditional sport.

Kemari is a sport which is like the Japanese old version of soccer. People compete for how long they can keep kicking the ball without touching the ground with a team.

Shiramine Jinguh worships the god of this sport, Kemari, called “Seidai Myojin”. Therefore, this shrine is known as the shrine of the god of sports.


Inside the building which worships this Seidai Myojin, there are a lot of balls dedicated. These are the balls which were actually used as the official games in Japanese professional sports such as soccer and volley ball.

And you can see the flags on the both side. These are the flags for supporting the Japanese national soccer team, and written “All the best! Japanese National Soccer Team!”.


If you visit Shiramine Jinguh, you should spin the ball on the monument. This monument is called “the monument of Kemari”, and it is said that you can get a good luck on sports by spinning the ball. It is worth trying when you come to the shrine.

In addition to the people visiting in order to pray for the luck on sport, some people come to pray for their studies. This is because Kemari is a sport in which players try not to drop the ball. Therefore, they pray for their academic ability also not dropping. If you have an exam which you must pass, it is also worth visiting!


Shiramine Jinguh, the god of sports.

If you are a fan of some sports, you must visit this shrine when you come to Kyoto. Also, if you are studying hard for exam, why not pray for passing the exam in this shrine?

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