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Raccoon Dogs Everywhere!

Shall we pray for our driving safety and healthy life away from cancer with a lot of raccoon dogs?
Not real ones. They are lacquered wares.

Tanukidani Fudoin, located in Ichijoji, is famous for its benefit of driving safety,

protection against evils and protection from cancer.

Many entertainers and athletes visit here.

Its name “ 狸(Tanuki)“ sounds same as “他抜き(Ta-Nuki)“, which means outdoing others.

Many entertainers and athletes visit this temple and pray for their success and better performance.


“狸(Tanuki)” means a raccoon dog in Japanese. It’s well known by people in Kansai area because of its unique name.

However, it’s said that the temple was not originally named after raccoon dogs.

It came from the name of “咤怒鬼不動明王”(Tanuki Acala).


To reach the main hall of the temple, you need to go up the stair case.

It has 250 steps.

For those who can’t imagine how big and hard it is, here’s a video that our staff run up the stair case in Kyoto Station (171 steps)

They practice health improvement project with Kyoto city.

You get “Kenko Card” (Health Card) from the temple/shrine.

You would get one stamp on it when you go up all the stairs, and you would get “Kenko-no Sho”(Good Health Award).

Why don’t you try it?

Raccoon Dogs Everywhere!

Before you start going up the stairs, make sure to check those raccoon dogs, which are lacquered wares.

People offer them to the temple because of its name.

Each one has own different shape and face.

However, it is a little spooky to be watched by a lot of raccoon dogs…

Don’t look at their eyes or ……

Ofuda for prevention of cancer

After the stairs, you get to the main hall of temple/shrine.

People get an Ofuda (a type of amulet) there.

It’s made of wood and an image of a human body is on it.

Draw a circle on the part of body where you want to cure.

Most of these Ofudas are for curing cancers.

People hung their Ofuda on the pillar in front of the main hall.

It’s a long way to reach but it must be worth.

If you get hungry after the visit, it’s about time to enjoy Kyoto Ramen in Ichijoji

Tanukiyama Fudoin
  • Address: 6, Ichijoji Matsuharacho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-8156, Japan
  • Opening Hours: 9:00 – 16:00
  • Admission Fee: 500 yen
  • Web: http://www.tanukidani.com/

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