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Let's Take a Photo With Geisha or Maiko!


Let’s Take a Photo With Geisha or Maiko!


Hello, everyone. I’m Yosuke.

I introduce several spots which you can take a photo with Geisha or Maiko!

Everybody might take a photo of the typical things of Kyoto while walking around. What is the typical one for you? You can easily imagine some temples and shrines but Geisha or Maiko may be also typical when it comes to Kyoto.

However, it is really rude to take a photo of them without any permission. So let’s make them happy by taking a photo with them!


The Place You can See Geisha and Maiko


In Kyoto, there are five places that you can see them.

  1. Gion Ko-bu
  2. Gion Hihashi
  3. Ponto-cho
  4. Kamishichiken
  5. Miyakawa-cho

Those places are called “Hanamachi” or “Kagai”; there are a bunch of  tea-houses and restaurants that Geisha or Maiko does performance so it is lucky that you see them on the streets. Since it’s really difficult to see them and they usually don’t let you take a photo, I wouldn’t recommend to go there to see them.


Take a Photo with Geisha or Maiko!


I’ll tell you the place that you can definitely take a photo with them!

The place is Yasaka Ko-shindo. You can go there on the way to Kiyomizu-temple.

There are undoubtedly some travelers wearing Maiko costume, and they will let you take a photo with you!

Please give it a try by saying (Shashin wo tottemo iidesuka? = Can I take a photo?)!!!


Yasaka Ko-shindo



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