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A Short Trip to Kifune Shrine in an Autumn Day

kifune_shrine (1)

A Short Trip to Kifune Shrine in an Autumn Day  kouyou

Hello Everyone !This is Samantha !

Today, I took Eizan Line and went to the Kifune Shrine for the first time !

Did you already decide how to spend an autumn day in Kyoto ?

Kifune shrine will be the great choice to enrich your stay in Kyoto….!!

Let’s see what we can do there!


Pass Through Colored  Leaves Tunnel


It locates northern part of Kyoto.

On the way to the Kifune shrine, train passed through “Momiji Tunnel”.

The train ran through maple trees and their leaves are all turned red so the view from the train was amaizing !!


The Origin of Kifune


Kifune Shrine is dedicated to the god of water called “Takaokami no kami”.

According to the legend, Tamayori Hime took a yellow boat from Osaka all the way up to the river into the Northern part of Kyoto.

It is also notable that this shrine is the origin of Ema.

It is a small wooden plate from Shintoism, and we write down wishes and hang it up at the shrine.


Omikuji, a fortune telling paper


I tried Omikuji, a fortune telling paper in shintoism!!

Japanese people often get Omikuji when they visit shrine so that they can

The Omikuji in the Kifune shrine is a little bit different from the one I always try.

Here I had to float Omikuji on the water to see the fortune and the words appeared.

I got Sho-Kichi. Slightly good luck.

It says “You can’t talk anything about love… If you do so you may have trouble with love”

This sounds really serious lol


Have a nice journey with TRAVEL PAD !!

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