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No Smoking City Kyoto!?


Non Smoking City Kyoto!?


Did you know that Kyoto is a non smoking city!?


Smoking in the streets and walking around is prohibited by Kyoto city bye-law.

Smoking in the streets of Kyoto will result in a ¥1000 fine.

Purpose of this bye-law is to avoid people getting burned by cigarettes and to make Kyoto a healthy and safe city.

Many tourists smoke in the streets and it’s been a serious issue in Kyoto.

At the same time, tourists smoke in the streets because they are not aware that Kyoto is a non smoking city!

Therefore I wrote this article to let everyone know which areas are non-smoking areas!

These are the maps of the areas you must not smoke in the streets.

Downtown Area


Gion and Kiyomizu Shrine Area


Kyoto Station Area


All the arrowed streets are especially non smoking.

Green check marks are the spots where you have a smoking area!
Wherever, you see ashtrays, you are allowed to smoke but you are not allowed to smoke in most of the areas!

Most of restaurants have separate seating sections for smokers and non-smokers, so you need to ask if you can smoke at the restaurants you are at.

Please understand and help us maintain the city clean, healthy and safe!

Thank you and have a great trip ahead in Kyoto!!

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