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Machiya Special: Machiya has a tiny beautiful garden.


Hello, everyone. I’m Yosuke.

This is 3rd Machiya special and it’s about Garden of the Machiya.

I already told you that buildings were taxed based on width, causing many machiya to be structured long and narrow. Despite of that fact, almost all the Machiya have a garden attached, moreover it’s a tiny one.

Why didn’t Japanese town house sacrifice a larger space for the garden?


The garden was placed in the center of the houses to allow the lights and breeze come through. It also enables the person who lives there to connect to the nature anytime they want. For the merchants or craftsmen, the garden offers them place of solace, which they can stay away from busy frontage of the house.


It cannot be seen from outside of houses, so it shows the humility of Japanese people.

Instead of golden, silver, and beautiful castles, the garden was how people really display the wealth, so they try to make the garden which was different from others.


You will be fascinated by how well Japanese people in old days utilize the small space.

Since the garden can be seen from a variety of place of the house, it is unique Japanese culture, which people enjoy the transition like four seasons.


When you have chance to stay at Machiya, don’t forget to enjoy and stay in the garden!

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