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5 Japanese Words You Need to Remember.


When you go traveling, you will immediately learn how to say “Thank You”, and “Hello” in local language.

In Japanese it’s “Arigatou” and “Konnichiwa”.

Oh! and maybe you will remember “Sumimasen”. It means sorry, thank you, and excuse me. You can also yell “Sumimasen” at restraints, to call waitress. It is not rude to call out at the restaurant.

Like “Sumimasen”,  You should remember at least 5 words below, and use it when you are in Japan !

Check out the video below, to learn how to use “Sumimasen”.


1. Kawaii.

Japanese LOVE small cute stuff, and not only a cute stuff, we say “Kawaii” where ever we think is pretty or cute. We use Kawaii as pretty, beautiful and cute, so when you see Maiko, you can say Kawaii !

2. Mecha.

It means very, super, so you can use it as “Mecha Kawaii”, very pretty ! Also, “Mecha Yabai”, OM*G !!

3. Yabai.

Especially high school girls use “Yabai” very often. It means OMG, but it also mean what should I do ? Here’s an example of video, which shows how to use “Yabai”.

Watch the video below, and use “Yabai” like Japanese.


4. Gaijin

Means foreigner, polite way to say foreigner is “Gaikokujin”, but shorter version is “Gaijin”.  If Japanese people asks you the direction, just because they think you are Japanese, but you want to politely tell them you do not speak Japanese, just say “Gaijin”.

5. Wakaranai

Means I do not understand. If you want to say i do not understand Japanese, you can say “Nihongo Wakaranai”. As long as you say Wakaranai, I’m sure people will kindly help you.

I love traveling, and wherever I go, I always want to learn local language. Very funny one, so here you go ! Remember these, and use it when you come to Japan !