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Chilling in Sannenzaka

ifyoufalldown (1)

An Autumn day in Sannenzaka

Hello everybody. I’m Yuta, a member of TRAVEL PAD STAFFS. Autumn has come to Kyoto and it’s getting cooler day by day. Today, I will introduce you guys how to enjoy “Sannenzaka” from the point of view as a student guide who has guided more than 50 tourists from 20 different countries.



1 Take a look at unique stores in Sannenzaka

Sannenzaka has many unique shops. You can see Hyotan (dried gourd), plum sake, tuna restaurant, Ochazuke restaurant (rice with tea poured on it), sweets shop and so on. You won’t be bored no matter how long you stay there.


2 Take a picture with ladies in Maiko costumes

We often see ladies in Maiko costumes when we walk around Sannenzaka. This is because tourists from other parts of Japan rent Maiko costumes and they go outside with that costumes. It’s not that difficult to find them since there are many rental Kimono shops and photo studios. Let’s ask them to take pictures!


3 Don’t miss Ishibekoji

Ishibekoji is one of my favorite places in Kyoto. It locates between Yasaka shrine and Sannenzaka, and you can find this street if you walk to Sannenzaka from Nanoumon gate, Yasakashrine. It has atmosphere of traditional Kyoto with stone pavement and wooden walls. If you walk on this street, you feel as if you are in the past. Try it :)


4 Be careful not to fall down on Sannenzaka

People in Kyoto still believe famous legend about Sannenzaka: If you fall down on Sannenzaka Street, you will die in 3 years. No body knows when and how this legend was made but it’s still famous. Look at this picture! Don’t fall down on Sannenzaka even if it’s a joke. Otherwise you will die like me in the video lol





Did u get ideas of Sannezaka? Have fun time in Sannenzaka!

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