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1-Day Bus Card Challenge!!!


1. Today’s challenge

Do you know Kyoto City 1-day bus card ?

With this card, we can take bus as many as we want in a day.

This card is worth buying if you take bus more than three times in a day since this card costs us only 500yen but bus costs us 230yen every time we ride.


So it’s really nice to buy this 1-day bus card when you see around Kyoto.

But have you ever wondered how much money can you save if you keep on riding a bus with this card?

To answer this question, I actually tried it !

※Please don’t imitate my challenge! It bothers other passengers !


This challenge only has a simple rule. I just only had to take Kyoto city bus as many as I can for 2 hours.


2. First bus


Soon after I started challenge, I took a bus at Kyoto station and got off at “Shichizyo-Nishinotoin” stop.

Looking back on my today’s challenge, I realize it was totally mistake.

Only the bus line No.50 stops at that bus stop which means I have to wait for 20 minutes.

It was totally waste of time. There is no bus which stops at Shichizyo-Nishinotoin except for line No.50.


3. Chenged my plan


I repeated the same mistake for a while. Just take a bus I find and get off at the next bus stop. However, this plan didn’t work well so I came out with new strategy.

“Taking a bus until it gets big street”

This new strategy worked well!

I found it is better to spend more time in a bus instead of waiting for the next bus at the bus stop. New strategy enabled me to take bus efficiently.

In the second half of my challenge, I could take more buses.


4. Result

After all, I stopped at 11times which means I took buses 12times in 2 hours.

It costed me only 500yen thanks to the 1 day bus card but if I took buses without this card, it would cost me

230 (yen) × 12 (hours) = 2760yen!

So I could save

2760 yen - 500yen  = 2160yen!


If I do this for all day long(18 business hours of Kyoto city bus),

1380 (yen) × 18 (hours) = 24800 yen

24800 (yen) - 500 (yen) = 24300 yen


You can save 24300yen in a day !! lol


Have a good trip in Kyoto with 1-day bus card ♪