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15 Stones in one garden? The “Ryoanji Temple”


This afternoon, as a part of my job,  I had to go to Ryoanji Temple to take picture of the 15 stones garden. However, all 15 stones in the garden must be in only one picture.

When I first heard this request, it sounded really easy for me.

Can it really be so?

I took Hankyu(阪急) line and Randen(嵐電) line to get there. It took us  about 45 minutes to get there.



The entrance was really cool. I walked through a path surrounded by maple trees !

If I have a chance to come back here in autumn, that will be great ! All these maple trees will turn red and it will be gorgeous !


Ryoanji temple has a huge pond. It’s called pond strolling garden style and we can enjoy different views when we walk around of it.

I saw a mandarin ducks in this pond. In Japan, they are called “Oshidori”ryoanjipond

Let me give you a short introduction to Ryoanji Temple’s history.

Ryoanji temple was built in 15th century, but it was soon burned down because of civil war in Kyoto. After the civil war, a famous samurai Hosokawa Masamoto rebuilt Ryoanji temple. At that time he also decided to make a dry rock garden.

This is so the origin of dry rock garden.

However, dry rock garden was not so famous until recently. It was only after Queen Elizabeth 2nd visited Ryoanji temple in 1975. Soon after that, this temple became one of the most famous temple in Kyoto. Moreover, it is also because there are no information about garden’s representation that makes it so special. There are a lot of speculations about what the stones represent but nothing had been proved so far.


Finally, I arrive to the dry rock garden.

It is said we can’t see all the 15 stones in the garden at the same time but impossible is nothing for me !

I will make it!!!


…..I couldn’t make it.


It was impossible to take picture with all the 15 stones altogether in the same picture. Even though I could just see all 15 stones in one time but it was physically impossible to take picture of it.

Another maple tree path was also beautiful.



I will do my best in my next challenge !



Hours :
8:00 to 17:00 (March to November)
8:30 to 16:30 (December to February)

Fees : 500Yen (Adult price)

Location :


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