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Do you wanna get more familiar with the Religion? “Nanzenji” is the best place.


Hello everybody. I’m Reko, a member of TRAVEL PAD STAFFS. Today, I will introduce you guys the “Nanzenji-temple” and the beautiful spots around there!



Nanzenji-temple is one of the most famous temples in Zen Buddhism.

※  What is “Zen Buddhism”, “Zen Buddhism” which is called “Zen-shu” in Japanese is one of a denomination of Mahayana Buddhism, which includes Rinzai, Soto and Obaku school of Zen Buddhism.
The temples in Zen Buddhism as Nanzenji-temple have 7 parts and they all have each teaching from Zen Buddhism. For instance, they have “Tosu” which means “bathroom” in modern language and this states that it is important to achieve enlightenment through our dairy life.
Look at this picture! You can also enjoy “colored leaves” if you visit there in Autumn season!


Next, I will introduce you “Sanmon”, which is the main entrance of Nanzenji-temple.

山門に登る階段You can see how steep was the stairs from this picture!  Be careful not to fall down on the stairs!


山門上からYou can walk around the “Sanmon” and look around there.


山門南禅寺一望And also you can see the whole picture of Nanzenji-temple from the Sanmon.山門上から京都一望And if you went to the other side, you would be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Kyoto city. I think it’s a good place to take the rest for a while!


Next, I will introduce you guys “Chokushi-mon” which is a part of Nanzenji-temple.勅使門The “Chokushi-mon” is from “Meiji emperor”, so this is opened just only at the time when the emperors or the imperial envoys visit there, and the time when they have the inaugural ceremonies for new chief priests.

4.Suiro-kaku (aqueduct)

Then, this is one of the little-known good places around “Nanzenji-temple”, “Suiro-kaku”, which means aqueduct. Here is a high rated place for tourists to take the pictures, especially in autumn season with colored leaves although you can enjoy the beautiful view throughout the year.水路閣

5.Hojo Garden

At the end, I will introduce the “Houjou Garden”!方丈庭“Hojo Garden” is famous for “Karesansui” with white sands as the following picture, the trees, mosses and 6 stones. It’s said that the “Karesansui” shows the path for the Enlightenment.方丈庭2Enjoy your trip to “Nanzenji-temple” and have fun around there with beautiful spots!

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