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Goodmorning Kyoto!

Hello! It’s Sumireko from ADDD-Link Co.,Ltd.

This is the last day of “GOOD MORNING KYOTO” and we went to the pancake cafe, BOSSCHE!

The cafe is right in front of the Kyoto aquarium at Umekoji-park near Kyoto station.

it has really cute atmosphere inside and outside of the cafe that i saw many couples and families with little kids enjoying pancakes and drinks.

i personally like the chandelier! so cute!

so here it is !!!!

Melting butter on 4 pancakes! The homemade maple syrup is just awesome and you even get fulfill.

The pancakes with maple syrup soaked in was just so delicious!!

and this is the another popular food of this cafe, french toast!

Big 2 piece of french toast will fill your stomach! you can not really tell from the picture but it was HUGE!

This one, cameraman had it this time so next time i come this cafe, i would like to have the french toast!

I often cook french toast for breakfast on the weekend and Do you remember the Inoda coffee we went on the second day of GOOD MORNING KYOTO? I heard at there, you can have great french toast so i wanna try that one too!

Cafe BOSSCHE opens at 11am so this place is good for brunch or tea. It offers you a good pasta and drinks too.

Come stop by the best pancake shop (chosen by reko lol) here at Kyoto!

Have a great journey with TRAVEL PAD!


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