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Why so many people go to “Nishiki Market” ?



I went to Nishiki market for shooting of TRAVEL PAD TV today!

Nishiki market was established in 1615 and it is located in Nishikikouji Dori, one street north from Shijo Dori, and it is known as the Kyoto’s Kitchen by Kyoto people.


Nowadays, there are more and more huge supermarkets and 24/7 convenient stores in any city, where you can buy anything that you can ever imagine. So, I am sure that a lot of you are imagining a market as a street with few people and lot of closed shops. Personally, I was born and raised in Kyoto and I also had an image of Nishiki market as an empty, unlively market like any other markets all around the world.

But I was really surprised when I saw Nishiki market because there were many people and opened shops during the day time on Monday. I also saw a lot of tourist from all over the world, taking pictures of the food stalls.


As I said, Nishiki market is called Kyoto’s Kitchen because you can get a lot of traditional Japanese food like Kyoto vegetables, Japanese pickles, fish, sweets and alcohols etc…Most of them are only available at Nishiki Market !


You can also get Japanese plates and other cool Japanese souvenirs. To taste Kyoto’s traditional food, and see a local part of Kyoto, Nishiki market is definitely a must !

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by Chisa

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