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The recommended Dinner at a Butcher's



Hello everyone.
My name is Taiki from ADDD-Link Co.,Ltd.

As being a 5th year undergraduate, 1980yen all-you-can eat yakiniku restaurants was my only option whenever I wanted to eat yakiniku.
But, if you read this page, you would not want to eat them anymore.


The restaurant is behind Daimaru department store, which is only 2 minutes away from the underground Shijo station and Hankyu Karasuma station.

The sign【肉屋弘商店】is written on Chouchin (Japanese paper lantern).



As I sit down, there was an iron plate and received welcome with a handmade pop stand.


I made my first order.

Today’s “Knock-out beef”.

The type of meat changes everyday.

Today we had lean beef stake.

Today’s “Knock-out beef”(changes everyday from 1480yen)

Butcher’s hamburg steak

Japanese beef bomb (680yen)

Here are my comments.
The hamburg was outstanding! I’ve never had such a thing before!

After 15 minutes I ordered, the hamburg came on an iron plate making a juicy sounds.
Middle part is medium rare and well kneaded meat melt in your mouth.


How was it?
Did you feel like you want to eat beef?

It’s summer! Have beef for dinner to perk yourself up!

It’s typical to have a healthy food when you visit Kyoto such as tea-ceremony dishes and Kyoto style home cooking. (and I also think that’s very “Kyoto style”)
However, from this experience I thought it’s good way to enjoy Kyoto to put not typical meal like this, in your typical Kyoto trip schedule!

Have a wonderful journey with Travel Pad!

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