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Special “Sushi” Lunch for “Obon” time !


Hello! It’s Sumireko from ADDD-Link Co.,Ltd. 

When i arrived at the office this morning, i thought “Why nobody is here today? Office is so empty!” and i realized.

This is the Obon week.

Obon week is a week in August when all the people go back to their hometown and pray for their ancestors.

That’s why the office is empty today. Everyone in office are taking off from work and we were the only one who were working.

So! We went to have Sushi !!!!!

Why not? We are working steadily all day!


Here is the image of Sushi chef making Sushi one by one by the counter we were sitting.

He moves his arms and body just like he’s dancing!


He take out the fishes from the refrigerator in front of us and cuts to the pieces.

It’s a typical way to cook Sushi but think about it. We don’t really see this cooking style in any other kind of restaurant!

Chef usually cook in a kitchen where the customer can’t really see.


menus are on the wall as usual.


Finally, here it is !!

Our lunch for today. Holiday lunch set

Sushi with steamed egg custard and soup. Beautiful !


The Sushi restaurant is called “すし稲” and it’s in a basement of Kokon Karasuma building near the Hankyu Karasuma sation!


Please stop by! it’s a neat Sushi restaurant.

Hope you are enjoying your Obon week with your family!

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