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Hello! It’s Sumireko from ADDD-Link Co.,Ltd.

This is the 4th day of “GOOD MORNING KYOTO” and we went to the Japanese style cafe “Roji-usagi” !

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“Roji-Usagi” is the 10mins walk from Keihan “Gion Shijyo” station. it’s the best place to spend Kyoto’s morning in a very japanese style. The cafe was reconstructed from town house called Machiya. It’s located in a narrow alley but you will find the right blue Noren cloth hung in front of the front door with a rabbit on it.


There are 5 “Hana-machi” (Kagai in Kyoto’s diarect) and one of those is the Miyagawa-cho where the Roji-usagi is at.

You take a short morning walk from the station by the Kamo-river. When you arrive at this Miyagawacho-street in the picture above, you walk straight as you enjoy the traditional beautiful view of Miyagawa-cho.


This is the today’s breakfast “Kyoto’s breakfast” by Roji-usagi.

Even in Japan, most of the cafes that do breakfast provide coffee and toast in a western style.

It’s good to have traditional Japanese style breakfast in a traditional Machiya cafe.


Personally, i really liked the grilled salmon was grilled with the Oba green.

Good flavor of Oba goes well with the grilled salmon. I should try it next time i cook salmon at home!


You can enjoy the beautiful view at the cafe that there is a Japanese style courtyard in the middle.

The four seasons beautifully changes in Japan so you may see the seasonal flowers at the cafe.

The cloth hanging in the left part of the picture is called Tenugui and the pattern is about the most famous summer festival in Kyoto, Gion festival.


I just loved sitting in the cafe in a morning sunshine and having Japanese style breakfast in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. I almost felt like as if i was having breakfast at some of my friend’s house.

Please stop by at the Roji-usagi when you want  the quiet Japanese style breakfast time.


Have a great journey with TRAVEL PAD!

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