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Enjoy the “JAPANESE Veggie Meal” in Kyoto ~mumokuteki cafe~


Veggie Meal in Kyoto

Hey guys, I’m Kent.

I went to a vegetarian restaurant, mumokuteki cafe for dinner.

From Sanjo st. walking down south to Teramachi st. for 3 minutes.

You will see a tailor shop on your left.↓


The restaurant is on the second floor.

Take stairs inside the shop to visit there.


The cafe has three priorities

1. Refrain from using meat, white sugar, milk and egg.

2. No chemical seasoning used in cooking.

3. Use vegetables either agrochemical free or reduced.

They use vegetables in every meal in the cafe.

It is really good and vegetarian.

You can enjoy a variety of meals such as,  plates, pasta, burger and don-mono!

I took deep-fried cutlet miso style!


I took the recommendation of  shop clerks, deep-fried cutlet miso style.

Usually deep-fried cutlet uses pork but they use atsuage (thick deep-fried bean curd) instead.


You can fill your stomach and get healthier.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

My veggie friends, my recommendation is here!

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