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Japanese Top 3 Great Sceneries~ Amanohashidate ~

Japanese Top 3 Gorgeous Sceneries - Amanohashidate -

Can you name the “Top 3  beautiful sceneries” in Japan?


The answer is…

1. Matsushima:  Miyagi prefecture

2. Itsukushima-Shrine: Hiroshima prefecture

>> 3. Amanohashidate: Kyoto prefecture <<

In order to visit the Amanohashidate, it takes about two hours by rapid train from the Kyoto station. This blue train is called “Kyoto Tango Railway”, which only comes about once half an hour… Quite different from the the railway system inside of Kyoto city, isn’t it?

Let’s check out the Amanohashidate on a google map!

As you see on the map above, the Amanohashidate is an island that bridges the Southern side and the Northern side of the main land together, therefore you will be able to see it from both sides. The place of the Northern side is called “Kasamatsu Park”, and the one on the Southern side is called the “Amanohashidate view land”!


In order to climb up to the “Amanohashidate view land”, we will take a short trip up the hill using a lift like this picture above!


Here we come, “The Amanohashidate View Land” (↑What it says on the picture.)


There you go! This is one of the top three beautiful sceneries of Japan! Amanohashidate is filled with bunch of pine trees.

Famous “Matanozoki” viewing


Please put this on your “must to do” lists at Amanohashidate! It’s a famous attraction to see the Amanohashidate with this posture through your groin(upside down). Since the view resembles a dragon (the Amanohashidate) rising up to the sky, it’s named “Hiryukan” (飛龍観).


As you wait for a lift on your way down, you might be able to see a heart-warming sunset view of  “Amanohashidate”. Highly recommended to visit during the evening despite of the heavy crowd! Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japan!

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