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“YABAI ! “, have you ever heard this word ?



YABAI, the most famous Japanese slang


If you have visited Japan, you must have heard a word “YABAI” at least once while you were traveling. It might be in chatting among young people or somebody talked to himself.

Originally, it just means dangerous but now it is used in both positive and negative meanings. Yabai is the most famous Japanese slang that can be used in almost all situations.

How can we use YABAI? If you learn how to use YABAI, it become much easier to make Japanese friends while you are traveling Japan. Let’s learn the usage of YABAI!




If a Japanese girl bumps into something pretty, she can’t express her feeling. The only word she can come up with is, “YABAI”.

In this case, she repeats it thousand of times, like “YABAI YABAI YABAI YABAI YABAI…”.

Instead of saying “It’s pretty.” She uses the word YABAI to express how she is attracted to pretty stuffs.




Another meaning of YABAI is “delicious.” Especially people often say “YABAI” after their first bite of eating. Once people start eating, they start talking about its precise taste but the first word is YABAI in many times.

This is because people are surprised to find that the plates are delicious more than they expected.


No time


When Japanese people are in a hurry, they say YABAI to themselves.

Japanese people are really strict about time so if they are about to be late for appointment, they say YABAI unconsciously. In this case, YABAI means “No time” or “Need to hurry”.

Don’t you think it’s similar to its original meaning “dangerous”?

People will face troubles unless they hurry so it’s YABAI.




If a American faces troublesome event, he feels as if The God he believes let him down and he says “Oh my God”. However, most of Japanese people don’t believe any god but instead they say YABAI in that situation. Japanese people are saying YBAI!

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