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Romance in Kyoto! Top Dating Spots Nr.1


When people think of romantic cities, they usually think of cities like Venice and Paris. While these cities are famous for their romantic ambience, Kyoto on the other hand is renown for its rich culture. People usually do not think of Kyoto as a very romantic city. This is why in order to change that I created this series of articles!

Kyoto is not only interesting from a cultural point of view, but also has incredibly beautiful spots. You will be blown away by their sheer beauty and get to know what a truly magical and romantic atmosphere feels like!

If you want to experience special moments in Kyoto, keep on reading 😉

“Typical” Dating Spots

Kamo River

The Kamo river is an extremely popular place to hang out with friends, relax and just enjoy your day. It is also one of the top favorite dating spots in Kyoto.

You can take a walk along the river and sit down at one of the benches or on the green grass next to the riverbank. Kamo river is always beautiful – during the cherry  blossom season, in autumn with the glory of red leaves or just on any warm, sunny day,  when the ducks happily swim along the river, the birds are singing and you can enjoy the warm, gentle rays of the sun.  

What could be more romantic than taking a walk along a river, indulging in the beautiful scenery and listening to the sound of water as it makes its way down the riverbed.

How can this be even more romantic? The answer is 

– during sunset!

I can absolutely recommend the sunset at Kamo river. I promise, you will be delighted by its beauty. The sunset creates an even more romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for you and your special one on a date 😉

TIP: Kamo river can be very crowded around Sanjo, but if you walk up north or go south it gets less crowded. Only few people might be sitting here and there at the riverside. I would suggest going north, because there are also some benches where you can sit.


At Sanjo


Along the river


Kamo river by night! – Sooo romantic!

How to get to there:

Keihan Railway: Sanjo Station or Gion Shijo

Subway: Sanjo Keihan Station



A classic! Arashiyama is an extremely famous and popular tourist spot and its beauty is breathtaking. It is especially known for its autumn leaves and it is also wonderful during the cherry blossom season.


Arashiyama Bridge


Bamboo forest

Usually there are many tourists, but if you get out of the main area you will see that is it a very quiet and peaceful place with tiny temples and shrines, where not so many tourists go to. Be courageous and take a walk outside the normal tourist area.

Nice places outside the main area:

Seiryoji temple, Hirosawa Pond and Daikakuji Temple



Seiryoji Temple



Daikakuji Temple

As you can see the three spots are within walking distance of each other.



Hozugawa Boat Ride

For those among you that would like to take part in a more adventurous dating experience:

The Hozugawa Boat Ride is perfect for you! While riding down the river you can savor Arashiyama’s gorgeous beauty.




For more information on how to get there, tickets and more pictures see the link below:


How to get to Arashiyama:

Randen : Arayshiyama Station

Hankyu Line: Arashiyama Station

JR: Saga Arashiyama

IMPORTANT: Even though the first two stations have the same name they are not the same station. All three stations are located in different parts of that area.


Kyoto is a magnificent city, don’t you think? You can get to know and experience Japan’s culture first hand and you can also experience an incredibly romantic atmosphere in so many different places.

Visit the spots above and your trip to Kyoto will become unforgettable – for the both of you!

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