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Run Up the Stairs in Kyoto Station



At Kyoto Station


The Great Staircase in Kyoto Station Kyoto station is a huge station, which is used by more than six hundred thousand people in a day.

It is not just an important place for traffic facility, but it is also a good place for chilling.

If you pass through the main gate, you will see a long stair on your left.

That is the Great Staircase! If you feel tired after your trip in Kyoto, you can take rest here.

Running up the stairs


However, the Great Staircase is more than just a place for relaxing.

Actually, this place is also known for a foot race. Every year, “The Great Staircase Running Up Competition”is held on third Saturday of February.

The participants run up from the bottom to the top and they compete their time with others.

The Record


The record of this competition is 25seconds by a woman.

What do you think of this record? Do you think nobody can’ t break the record?

I don’t think so! The stair is just 75meters long. Not that long!

So I actually tried running up this stair by myself.


The hardest challenge ever


Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a new record.

When I run up to the top, I could run in a good speed at the first half.

But the closer I got to the top, the harder it became to keep good speed.

At the very end, I felt like the stair continues forever and I wanted to escape from this hard challenge.

Kyoto station for everybody


If you are an athlete, you should sing up for this competition.

This event will be held on February 15th in 2015.

I hope somebody can break the record instead of me.

Anyway, the great stair is one of fascinating points of Kyoto station.

Even if you are not interested in running up the stair, it’s worth visiting to chat with your friends there.

Have a good time in Kyoto station!