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Make your own soap at Kyoto Syabonya !


If you are looking for organic soap or souvenirs, check out Kyoto Syabonya !
Kyoto syabonya sells organic handmade soap and it’s made in Kyoto.

Also, you can try to make your own soap ! The memory of journey in Kyoto, let’s make one.


It’s not Youkan !


This looks like Youkan, jellied dessert made of red beans, but it’s also a soap !

It contain Almond oil, Peach seed oil, Lavender oil and gold leaf on top.

It looks very delicious isn’t it ?


To make your own soap, it costs 500 yen and takes 30 – 40 minutes.


Choose your mold


1. Choose your favorite mold. There are three types.


Microwave it !


2. Microwave solid soap for 30 – 40 seconds.


Choose colors and aroma


3. Choose pigments and aroma oil to add to soap.

4. Stir, and pour it to the mold.

5. Wait for 15 minutes.




6. Twist the mold and take out the soap.While waiting for the soap to solidify, you can enjoy Ashiyu cafe at down stairs.

Ashiyu is Japanese bath where you can bath your feet.

Ashiyu helps you to warm up the body, and it is very relaxing especially after walking around the city and you are very tired. Enjoy Ashiyu with drinks !




From Kyoto station, it takes 5 minutes by subway Karasuma line to Karasuma Oike.

From Karasuma Oike station, take exit 5, it’s close from the museum of Kyoto.


Opening Hour : 10:00 – 19:00.

Ashiyu : Reception will close at 18:30.

Hand made soap experience : Reception will close at 18:00.


For more information, please visit Kyoto Syabonya English page

Kyoto Syabonya

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