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The Proper Way to Drink Miso Soup That Japanese Do Not Even Know



 What is the food that makes you feel like home?

For Japanese miso soup is one of them, the savory taste of miso paste mixed with the Japanese traditional soup stock dashi comforts and warms you up. Miso soup is ever-popular Japanese food that comes with Japanese meal at restaurant or even at home. Miso soup is very close to the life of Japanese people but many of them do not know or care the proper way to drink it beautifully. Today I will introduce you the proper steps to have miso soup and Suimono, which is Japanese-styled clear soup. Here’s 6 steps to eat properly.

Miso soup


1. Opening the soup bowl: taking the lid off

Japanese soups often come with a bowl with lid on. When you taking the lid off of your bowl of soup, hold your bowl lightly with your left hand use right hand to open it. Make sure to drop the water drops on the lid. Hold the lid up with both hands, hold your side of the lid and put the lid down at the right side of your bowl if your bowl is placed at the right side of your dishes with your right hand. The bowl is usually placed at right side but if it  is placed at left side you put the lid left side of your bowl.



2. Holding the bowl

First you need to pick up the bowl with both hands. Hold the side of your bowl with your left hand. Hold side (slightly toward bottom) of your bowl with left hand with 4 fingers closed, and attach your left hand thumb on edge of your bowl softly. Attach right hand if you are not having chopsticks.



3. Having the soup with chopstick

You use chopstick to eat ingredients inside the soup such as tofu (miso soup with tofu in it is very common!). You pick up chopsticks after you hold up the bowl. When you pick up chopsticks, pick up the chopsticks with your right hand, put the chopsticks in between your second (middle) finger and first (index) finger of your left hand, and change the grip into the way to hold your chopstick as when you are eating.



4. Drinking your soup

When you are drinking your soup without chopsticks, you hold your bowl with left hand attaching the bottom of your bowl as explained in 2, attach the right hand softly, and you directly drink soup from your bowl.

When you are drinking with chopsticks keep the chopsticks inside the bowl and drink the soup. It is bad to have chopsticks pointing at someone eating in front of you. In Japan, it considered to be good to slurp your soup but for miso soup you cannot slurp it. For clear soup you can.



5. Finishing

After you finish drinking the soup, you need to first put down your chopsticks. How to put down chopsticks is just like reversing what you did to pick up chopsticks explained at step 3. Put your chopsticks between second and first fingers, change your grip of chopsticks as you put down, and put down your bowl with both hands.


6. Do not forget to put the lid on to close it too!

This is where most Japanese do not know and failed to do. When you finish your soup and putting down the chopsticks and bowl, you pick up and flip the lid with both hands, and put the lid on as it was served with right hand.


Let’s practice the steps, eat like a real Japanese!

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