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Photographer Reko will show you the four seasons in Japan!


Have you decided which season to visit Japan yet?


What you can see during your visit in Japan really depends on when and which season you come!

Basically there are four seasons here in Japan and the temperature and climate are very different on each season. So you need to know when you want to come.

Also, events and festivals, flowers that bloom around the season, seasonal food are different.

As a photographer, I have been taking the pictures of Japan through out a year and I will show you the four seasons of Japan so you can decide and plan which season you want to come visit the beautiful country Japan !!

Photographer Reko will show you  the four seasons in Japan!


▶ Temperature and Climate

First of all and most importantly, each season in Japan has very different temperature and climate. You should consider the season to come visit here, depends on what kind of climate you want to be in to go around sightseeing. The island of Japan is long from the North to the South that each city has very different climate, but here is the average temperature of Kyoto.


Because Kyoto is a basin surrounded by mountains, it’s very hot and humid in summer and cold in winter. However, most of the world known famous festivals in Kyoto are held in summer. Also in winter, you will get to see the most romantic and breathtakingly beautiful scenery of ancient city Kyoto covered by snow.

Spring and Autumn are the best season for sightseeing with nice weather and cherry blossom flower, colored leaves but it will be very crowded with thousands of tourist so be ready for it.


▶ Flowers that bloom each season


Flower festivals are very big in Japan each season. As you know, especially the cherry blossom flowers, Sakura is the heart of Japanese people. People around the world come visit Japan only to see the Sakura and to attend the festivals. On the streets, schools, parks, temples and shrines, Sakura trees are everywhere and if you go to touristy places, you will find some festivals held regarding Sakura.



(Iris and beautiful greens at Tofukuji-temple and hydrangea flower at Nanzenji-temple)

Also, the other three seasons are famous for other flower festivals too. Summer is famous for sunflower, iris, and hydrangea. Cities which are famous for each flowers organize festivals at or near the flower fields, temples and parks.

Same in Autumn and Winter, there are cosmos festivals and apricot flower festivals around the cities of Japan.


▶ Seasonal events and festivals

There are thousands of seasonal events and festivals in each city of Japan that’s not on guidebook. Starting in spring, there are doll festivals know as girl’s festival or peach festival. In each house who has a girl  in the family decorates their house with a pair of doll to celebrate growth of the children.

In summer, there are summer festivals and fireworks festivals everywhere from July to beginning of August. Fireworks festivals are usually big and thousands to myriad of fireworks are launched but each cities and villages always have small local summer festivals too. It will be a great experience to visit those local ones too.


In Autumn, there are many harvest festivals and colored leaves festivals everywhere and it’s the best season with nice weather and climate. Toward the end of November, it gets cold and leaves turn to yellow and red.

Chinese new year is famous around the world but the new year is big in Japan too. It’s a time of the year when all the people go back to their hometown and spend the time with family members, enjoy feast.




Have you decided which season to come to Japan?

I hope I could give you the tips to think about it.

In each season, Japan has a different face, and beautiful seasonal events and flowers. Enjoy the beautiful country and you will soon fall in love with the land of the rising sun.



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